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Aug, 2019

Back to School Pro-Tips: For College Students

Summer is officially over. Do know what that means? That’s right!  Back to school season. As you prepare for the academic year that approaches, remember to make this year the best yet! Not sure how to get on the “back to school good foot”? Here are some pro-tips to help you get started.

Tip #1: Read your syllabus. 

College courses and now even some high school courses pass out a class syllabus. When your teacher passes out the packet of important class policies and assignment deadlines, read that. Trust me, it is the worst feeling in the world to score a “0” on a test or assignment you could have easily knocked out of the park simply because you didn’t bother to read the syllabus. Your teachers are trying to teach you accountability. Make sure you know what is expected of you from the first day of class.

Tip#2: Get thrifty with your school supplies. 

Within that nifty syllabus, there is a “Required Supplies” list the teacher expects you to have in order to succeed in the course. Prioritize the most important items like the graphing calculator, notebooks, and book bag to make sure you have the essentials in mind when shopping. Instead of purchasing brand new graphing calculators from large retailers, try your local thrift stories or family members. Not only can you find revived stylish trends, but you may also be able to purchase gadgets at a lower price.

Tip #3: Identify your stress and strengths subjects. 

If you’re an all-star in math class, you may not be Shakespeare’s protégé in English class, and that’s ok. Start the school year right by taking detailed and attentive notes to review for homework. Additionally, don’t be ashamed to ask questions or additional help during class.

Tip #4: Organize, organize, organize. 

Your homework and other important documents should be in at least one folder or binder organized by class for safekeeping. Organizing can be a great way to overcoming academic anxiety and stay on top of your work. Another way to stay organized is to write your assignment deadlines in the first two pages instead of buying a pricy organizer.

Tip #5: Schedule time to complete your assignments ahead of time

Midterms and finals are the two most stressful seasons in a student’s academic year. While you may not have procrastinated, you could have poorly planned for the heavy course load during those times. By prioritizing assignments ahead of time across all classes, you will greatly reduce your workload.

Tip #6: Avoid distractions in your study space

Limit your cell phone, computer and social time. As the old saying goes, there is a time and place for everything. Misusing your time will surely lead to the panic of procrastination and late-night study sessions. By limiting your distractions, you will automatically increase productivity and achieve higher grades.

Tip #7: Reward yourself! 

Positive reinforcement is essential. When you have completed tasks, reward yourself in small ways. This can be anything from allowing yourself to take a 10-minute break to treat yourself to a movie. Make sure to stop and smell the roses every now and then.


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