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Programs offered by PALs across the Nation

AAU Basketball League    Family Counseling    Recording Studio
After School Care    Fencing    Rifle
All sports    Field Hockey    Rock Climbing
Archery    Fine Arts    Roller hockey
Arts & Crafts    Fishing    Rugby
Arts and Culture    Fitness and Nutrition    Running
Audio Visual Program    Floor Hockey    Science Program
Baseball    Football    Scuba
Basketball     Frisbee Golf    Self Defense
Before and After School     Girl volleyball    Skiing
Bicycle Riding    Girls Basketball    Snowboarding
BMX Racing    Girls Field Hockey    Soccer
Boating    Girls Softball    Softball
Bowling    Golf    Spoken Word
Boxing    Graphic Arts Classes    Sports Night for Teens
Calisthenic Exercises    Gymnastics    STEM Activities
Camping    Hiking    Strength and Conditioning
Cardio Classes    Hip Hop    Student Council
Cardiovascular Training    Horseback Riding    Swimming
Career Development     Ice Hockey    T-ball
Career Instruction    Indoor Rock Climbing    Team Handball
Cheerleading    Journalism    Tennis
Chess    Jr Police Explorer     Theater Drama
College/ Future Prep    Junior Golf    Three on Three Basketball.
Community Service     Karate and Boxing    Toast Masters Chapter
Competitive Cheerleading    Kayaking    Track & Field
Computer Activities     Kickball League    TRX
Computer Lab    Kickline    Tumbling
Cooking    Lacrosse    Tutoring
Dance instruction    Life Skills    Twirling
Dancing    Martial Arts    Ultimate Frisbee Box
Debate Teams    Mountain Biking    Water Polo
Deck Hockey    Music Lesson    Wrestling
Double Dutch/Jump Rope    Mustang Troop    Yoga
Drill Team    Obstacle course    Young Adults Walk Training
Homework Help    PAL Baseball    Youth Leadership
Educational Activities    Pottery    Youth Weight Loss
Educational Field Trips    Self - Defence Classes    Zumba
Excursion Travel Trips


National PAL

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