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Youth Summit


Greetings National PAL Member Chapters & Community Organizational Guests:

Well, we are now just a few short weeks away from the start of the National Youth Leaders & Mentor Summit, scheduled for June 26th - 29th, 2024 in Charlotte, NC at the Hilton Charlotte University Place Hotel, located at 8629 JM Keynes Dr., Charlotte, NC 28262.

Both organizations are thrilled to be able to come together and present to the chapter members of National PAL, such an impactful, engaging, high energy and participatory youth event. This Youth Leadership & Mentor Summit will allow youth to interface with Community Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Renown and Impactful Speakers, Presenters and Topic Experts in the areas of Leadership Development, Mentoring, Mental Health/Illness, Financial Literacy, College/Career Readiness, Child Exploitation & Social Media Awareness, Socialization, Networking, and Service Engagement, among other initiatives.

It is the goal of both organizations to have this newly created joint event to replace its previously hosted National PAL Youth Mentor Summit this year, as well as into the future.

So, you might be asking yourself some of the following questions:


It is very essential to note the following very critical registration deadlines associated with both the youth summit, as well as, regarding the host hotel. To effectively prepare for your arrival and full participation, it is essential that everyone register online, as well as submit the appropriate payment fees for both their attending youth and staff by Friday, June 14th by 5:00pmET. Please find below the link needed to click on to complete your registration.

Additionally, it is essential that you seek to book the appropriate number of required hotel rooms at the Hilton Charlotte University Place Hotel by Friday, June 7th by 6:00pmET, to be guaranteed of the discounted room rate for the youth summit. As well, please find below the appropriate link for the hotel to secure all necessary rooms.

  • Is it still mandatory that NPAL Mentor Grant recipients send both youth and staff to this newly established National Youth Leadership & Mentor Summit?

YES, as outlined within your award letter, it is necessary that your organization register and send a minimum of two (2) youths and one (1) adult to the event. Please note that you are more than welcome to register and send more than the minimum amount of youth and staff if your grant budget permits, or if your organization has the capacity to financially cover any/all expenditures over and above what the grant allows.

  • What are the costs associated with attending this year’s National Youth Leadership & Mentor Summit?

Please note that there will be a $50.00 per chapter/organization registration fee which is not a reimbursable fee.

The National Youth Leadership & Mentor Summit participation fee will be $450 per person. This fee also includes several of your meals, as the meal structure currently encompasses Wednesday – Dinner, Thursday – Breakfast & Lunch, Friday – Breakfast & Dinner, and Saturday – Breakfast & Lunch. (Meals Subject to change)

  • How do I seek to register youth and staff from my organization?

We look forward to your organizations youth and staff attending this year’s inaugural National PAL – Hoodie’s House National Youth Leadership & Mentor Summit in Charlotte, NC June 26th – 29th, 2024. To start the process towards registration, we invite you to Click Here . If you have any issues with the registration please contact John Stevens at or (908) 596-8504.


Mail Checks to:

Hoodie’s House of Hope for Youth

Attn: Jeff Hood

4422 Red Holly Court

Charlotte, NC 28215

  • How do I secure hotel rooms for my youth and staff?

The official host hotel for the youth summit is the Hilton Charlotte University Place Hotel, located at 8629 J M Keynes Dr., Charlotte, NC 28262.

The established official room rate for the youth summit is $129.00 per night plus taxes.


If you still need to book a hotel, please note that the Hilton room block is full. However, the Holiday Inn at 8520 University Executive Park Dr., Charlotte, NC 28262, is the overflow hotel offering approved reimbursable rateCLICK HERE to reserve your room. Rooms are limited, so don’t delay in booking your accommodation.

Rooms at this rate are available beginning June 25th – 30th, 2024.

**Please note that if you plan on coming to the event and will need rooms, it is essential that you place your reservation immediately, as once the deadline for discounted rooms has passed, we will not be able to make any exceptions to retrieve an appropriate room rate for you. To begin registering for rooms for the event, please Click Here

  • Can non-PAL youth serving organizations register their youth and staff to attend?

Yes, though many of the participants will be associated with a PAL Program, there might very well be participants attending from outside of the PAL network.

  • Is there a NationaI Youth Leadership & Mentor Summit schedule of events available?

Unfortunately, at this time the summit schedule isn’t available, as it is still being filled with some awesome sessions and events, however as soon as it has been completed, it will be sent out, as well as posted on the website.

  • Is the Leadership & Mentor Summit available virtually?

We regret to inform you that this year’s summit will not be available for virtual participation.

  • Some of my youth and/or staff might be interested in volunteering during the youth summit, is there a need?

YES! We would very much welcome the opportunity to have some committed, hard-working, and engaged youth and/or adults to volunteer with our event. Some of the areas of engagement needed would lie within the areas of set-up, registration, event logistics, event planning, breakdown, etc. If interested please contact Jeff Hood at (704) 400-6035 /

  • Are you interested in placing an organization’s ad in the Official Youth Leadership & Mentor Summit Program Booklet?

Having your organization promoted and highlighted within our official program booklet would be greatly appreciated, as well as a wonderful format to acknowledge some of the great work your programs are/have accomplished. The fee structure associated with placing your ad is as follows: Quarter Page Ad - $150.00 * Half Page Ad - $250.00 * Full Page Ad - $350.00. If you would prefer for your program to be presented in color, please add $50.00 to the ad cost. Please note that we must have your ad sent to us by Friday, June 14th, 2024. To secure your space within the program, Click Here Please send ad to

  • Participant arrival for the Summit consideration.

As the summit schedule continues to evolve, we would like to note that the event currently is scheduled to begin at approximately 6:00pm (ET) on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024, so arrival on the 26th is suggested. However, especially for those coming from the west coast, etc., you may want to consider coming in on the 25th of June, however, this is totally your call.

  • A special note to PAL Chapters and Organizations registering youth for the summit.

It is highly suggested that participants attending the youth summit fall between the grades of 8th – 12th.

  • For those chapters/organizations driving to the youth summit.

Please note that there will not be a hotel charge for vehicle on-site parking!

  • Airport transportation to the host hotel.

Please note that there is not a shuttle from the airport to the Hilton Charlotte University Place Hotel, so you will need to secure arrangements. For those who have used either Uber or Lyft in the past, both of those services are available here in Charlotte.

  • Are you seeking things to do while in Charlotte?

To aid you in your search for things to do while in and exploring Charlotte, please feel free to click on the following link: Click Here

  • Needing additional youth summit information, or for questions?

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact either Jeff Hood at (704) 400-6035 / or Kenneth Harris at (302) 584-8756 /